Debates at Dartmouth

The day has finally come for the long-awaited Republican debate, and today the candidates have been roaming around Hanover trying their best to rally student support. Griffin Perry, son of Republican primary candidate and current Governor of Texas Rick Perry, hosted an informal student function at Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity earlier this evening, where he mingled with undergraduates and took questions from the crowd.

When explaining his father’s outlook on the American economy, he bluntly stated that “government does not create jobs” and did not comment further.

Lately, the “Occupy Wall Street” protests have been gaining traction and attention, despite the movement’s lack of clear objectives. In response to a question about the relationship between the economic crisis and this protest, G. Perry stated that certain people “protest just to protest” and merely enjoy “making noise.” However, he qualified his disapproval, saying that without full knowledge of the movement’s aims he preferred not to come to a definitive conclusion on its value.

G. Perry made it clear that the focal point of the Rick Perry campaign is the Governor’s record of fostering the “Texas Miracle,” in which almost 300,000 jobs have been created in Texas since 2009, though the Governor’s role in creating these jobs remains disputed.

Governor Perry is expected to release his economic plan on Friday, October 14th.