The Zimbabwean Dollar: Dying to Live

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Since the dawn of the 21st century, the hyperinflationary measures of the Zimbabwean dollar (ZWD) have plagued the economic progress of the nation.

When Rhodesia gained sovereignty from Britain on April 18, 1980, the former colony became known as Zimbabwe Continue reading…

Development Aid

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Make no mistake; most international development literature has made clear that developmental aid is rather ineffective. There are many obstacles to development that can render massive amounts of monetary aid ineffectual. International aid faces problems with governments that are not

The Girl Effect

Girl Effect

“Imagine a girl living in poverty. Let’s put her in a school uniform and see her get a loan to buy a cow and use the profits from the milk to help her family. Pretty soon, her cow becomes a Continue reading…

Setting Business Strategy During Economic Crisis

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The current recession and the 
financial crisis underlying it have
caused severe problems for heavily leveraged financial situations and automobile manufacturers with substantial pension obligations.
Many of these companies have
accepted government loans simply to
stay liquid. However, the economic recession also has had

Structured Finance: An Underlying Instrument Behind the Economic Meltdown

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The tremendous growth of structured finance products during the real estate bubble that ended in 2007 could be primarily attributed to the seemingly endless advantages that it presented to both its underwriters in fees and to its investors in higher

Jim Brennan, Life of a Consultant

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The two career paths you almost always hear about at Dartmouth are investment banking and consulting. Yet, few realize the diversity of specialties within those two huge fields. In particular, consulting spans a broad range of industries and topics. To