Markets Driven by Fear


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By definition, fear and  greed mark periods of irrationality. These evil twins of speculation signal a move away from investment and into a world in which rumors, gossip, and irrational behavior rule the landscape. In the current market, a whisper

Rising Debit Card Fees Bring Banks Back into the Spotlight


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The financial services industry, after stealing the spotlight during the recession, is now making headlines once again. In response to recent regulatory legislation, banks nationwide have made the controversial decision to hand consumers a whole slew of new banking fees,

Ushering in a New Vision for Global Agriculture


Ever since the 2008 global food crisis put agriculture back in the spotlight, the international development community seems to have zeroed in on three key themes—smallholder farmers, higher investment in agriculture, and increasing productivity.

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Impacting the World with your Wallet


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Imagine this: thousands of children sleeping in dirty, disease-infected streets because they lack the basic security that most people call a home… a tough image but one that in many places is a terrible reality. With $100,000 you could house

Financially Fastened


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There is no denying the growing interconnectedness between the Chinese and American financial markets. Like other global financial centers, upswings and downswings in either the Shanghai Stock Exchange or the New York Stock Exchange have often been preceded by similar

China is rising… But what about its people?


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The People’s Republic of China cannot continue to enjoy the same economic prosperity it has enjoyed in the past through its manufacturing-export-driven economy in the next decade. Instead, it must focus its attention on improving domestic consumption of goods and

Nuclear Nexus: Chinese Growth


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In the wake of the nuclear disaster in Japan, the world has once again found itself assessing the benefits and dangers of nuclear energy. The events of the Fukushima Daiichi crisis served as a stark reminder of the fact that

What Now? A Post Steve Jobs World


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It was a casual Wednesday night when I had first heard the news via Facebook: “A visionary died today. Steve Jobs, you will always be in my heart forever. Thank you for creating the iPhone; I love it!” Just like

Insight into Investing: Walt Sosnowski of SRC Capital


Walt Sosnowski is an economist at heart.

He’s a hedge fund manager whose fund beat the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index by more than fifty percentage points in 2008, while the rest of the investing world, still reeling from the Continue reading…

FarmPlate: Hanover’s New Green Start-Up


In August 2011 launched in Hanover, NH with the goal of creating an online sustainable foods community. Founder Kim Werner tells the Dartmouth Business Journal about the challenges and successes of starting a business to connect small town farmers, Continue reading…