Keystone XL and the Near Future of Crude Oil


Congress recently passed a bill confirming, for the first time that “climate change is real and not a hoax”. With that out of the way, America can officially begin to view the future of energy in a new light.

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A Price Tag on Content

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Executives at the New York Times Co. flinch at the term readers and journalists have given to the paper’s digital subscription plan, which launched globally on March 28. The new “paywall” limits readers to a maximum of 20 articles a

Hello DBJ Readers!

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Hanover has a funny way of expressing itself. It appears that April showers bring May…more showers? As this spring term draws to a close, we would like to introduce the newly renovated Dartmouth Business Journal. We’ve gathered many enthusiastic students

Africa’s Land Deals

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In November 2008, South Korean company Daewoo Logistics made a deal with Madagascar’s government to lease roughly half of the nation’s agricultural land for the production of corn and palm oil. For the people of poverty-stricken Madagascar, it was intolerable

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The Cloud
Continue reading…Cloud computing services have been getting a lot of buzz lately. But is it justified? Google, Rackspace, Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu seem to think so. Since “the cloud” is basically what the internet has been trying to be

Barcelona: What You See May Not Be Reality


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After seeing the swarm of tourists trekking up La Rambla street in Barcelona, one would never guess that Spain is undergoing a serious economic crisis. Barcelona’s hundreds of small cafes and restaurants are full of both tourists and locals. The

Let’s Just Keep This Between Us: How Facebook Made “Going Viral” More Private

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This past April, Facebook’s ubiquitous “Like” button celebrated its first birthday. In what has already been a tremendous year for Facebook (gaining 200 million more users and an implicit $50 billion valuation), the success of its ambitious attempt to connect

Hulu Plus: Freemium Gone Wrong

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Continue reading… was initially launched in 2007 as a defensive move by television networks to address the growing unlicensed television content being shared illegally over the internet. Television network executives at NBC Universal, Fox Entertainment and ABC created the website as

Corporate Sustainability: Friction or Synergy?


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Women in the Middle East: Business Behind The Veils

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What is the role of women in business in the Middle East, if there even is one? Although it is safe to say that many modern cultures are breaking free of the close-minded stereotypes of yesterday, the image of the