Tesla: Developing a Culture for the Future

The Interior of the Model S

Few would disagree that Tesla, which has generated a buzz throughout the entire United States business community, holds a bright future. Tesla Motors, founded in 2003, designs, develops, manufactures and sells electric vehicles and parts. The Palo Alto-based firm is Continue reading…

U.S.-China Collaboration in Renewable Energy?

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Where can the U.S. and China collaborate in renewable energy? With the state of competition between the two countries both in the Olympics and in other arenas, areas for collaboration may seem dim, but actually there are possible areas for

Technological Fixes to Food Insecurity Lose Sight of Farmers’ Rights


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Kenya is soon to become the next hotbed for genetically modified crops, with its government’s intention to introduce new GM cotton and corn varieties within the next few years. While proponents hail this development as a huge step in the

Subsidizing Poverty

african cotton

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The average tariff rate in the world’s developed nations is very low. Yet, due to the historical and current political power of land owners, trade barriers (most notably subsidies) on agricultural products remain punitively high, inflicting tangible and substantial economic

Ushering in a New Vision for Global Agriculture


Ever since the 2008 global food crisis put agriculture back in the spotlight, the international development community seems to have zeroed in on three key themes—smallholder farmers, higher investment in agriculture, and increasing productivity.

Hardly is this approach more evident Continue reading…

Nuclear Nexus: Chinese Growth


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In the wake of the nuclear disaster in Japan, the world has once again found itself assessing the benefits and dangers of nuclear energy. The events of the Fukushima Daiichi crisis served as a stark reminder of the fact that

FarmPlate: Hanover’s New Green Start-Up


In August 2011 FarmPlate.com launched in Hanover, NH with the goal of creating an online sustainable foods community. Founder Kim Werner tells the Dartmouth Business Journal about the challenges and successes of starting a business to connect small town farmers, Continue reading…

Business as a Route to Political Reform?

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It is a fairly well-known notion that without proper and convenient law code and regulations businesses will shirk away from conducting their activities in a country. By this logic, the government exerts the ultimate control over business and economic prospects

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Corporate Sustainability: Friction or Synergy?


The economic crisis has caused many companies to reevaluate their business practices in order to cut unnecessary expenditures. Pursuing sustainability and green business practices in the workplace has become an important focus in the drive for increased efficiency.In order to Continue reading…

China Seeks Oil and Gas Close to Home

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The manufacturing giant that it is, China needs oil and gas to fuel its progress. The nation’s oil consumption predicted to increase by  24% from 2008 to 2013, signaling a dire necessity for additional resources. With its unprecedented growth, domestic