Hydrogen Vehicles: A Study of Strategic Loss


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The idea behind patents makes intuitive sense. If a company spends significant resources on researching a new product, it should be granted temporary exclusive rights to its findings. This prevents rivals from stealing those results and profiting from them without

The New Tax-Dodge


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In today’s global economy, every million counts. American corporations spend, or “lose”, hundreds of millions of dollars due to taxation– in the United States, 35 percent of corporate income is taxed. The quick fix for U.S. companies seems to be

A Booming Commercial Drone Market Drowned by the FAA


It hovered over the annual Dartmouth Homecoming Bonfire. “It’s a drone,” my friend explained. A drone? The only drones I’d every really heard of were furtive aircrafts used for reconnaissance missions and surveillance over enemy territory.

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Government Incentives: Boom or Bust?

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The Oregon state legislature recently held a special session to discuss methods to appease Nike Inc., a powerful corporate citizen that is expanding its operations in the U.S. but has threatened to move out of Oregon. Nike would like to Continue reading…

Regulating: A Losing Game

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Out of the frying pan and into the fire.  Last month Russell Wasendorf, Sr. attempted to commit suicide via asphyxiation by using a hose to funnel the exhaust from his Chevy into the car. A Good Samaritan thwarted his attempt Continue reading…

Redefining Emerging Markets

Redefining Emerging Markets

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Almost a decade after crafting the famous term BRIC—standing for Brazil, Russia, India, and China—to signify the four emerging markets that had the potential to change the economic makeup of the world, economist Jim O’Neill became the Chairman of Goldman

BATS Crash: Problems with High-Frequency Trading?


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On March 23, the Better Alternative Trading System (BATS) exchange saw a crash due to technical issues on the same day its own company made its initial public offering. The crash precipitated inquiries into high-frequency trading and the automation of

Future Chinese Involvement in World Finance

Former President Carter and Chairman Deng Xiaoping

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With the world’s second largest economy after the United States, China has definite potential to exert strong influence on the global economy. However, largely due to the government’s reluctance to laissez faire, it hasn’t yet fully capitalized on its clout,

Occupy Dartmouth

Occupy Dartmouth

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From the beginning of the school year in Hanover, they’ve made themselves known. Occupy Dartmouth, standing in solidarity with the great and now international Occupy movement, cemented their mark on campus at their ‘base camp’ outside the Collis Center, organizing

Time to Short Bonds…in Israel?


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Unstable doesn’t begin to describe it. Markets across the world, ranging from the New York Stock Exchange to the Nikkei Average have seen unprecedented volatility over the last few months. Corporations across the world have cut spending, and investors are