Project 7: A New Model for Non-profits

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If you’ve shopped at a Wal-Mart or Target recently, you might have noticed the purple packs of gum made by a company called Project 7 as you were checking out. Had you bought one of these packs, you would have Continue reading…

How to Learn More


Albert Einstein once mocked, “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”

One might think that education, above all else, would embrace and benefit from new methodologies and technologies. But this has not been my experience. Why Continue reading…

Should New Hampshire establish its own Health care exchanges?

New Hampshire Governor John Lynch. Source:

The Supreme Court’s landmark decision on June 28th Continue reading… of this year solidified the constitutionality of possibly the most controversial pieces of legislation ever passed by the Obama administration. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), signed into law

The 2012 Olympics: Economic Boom or Bust for London?


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The city of London last hosted the Olympic Games in 1948, a time when Britain was struggling to regain its bearings in the aftermath of World War II. Sponsors financed the entire budget, which was capped at £760,000 after London

The Olympics: An Economic Cure or Curse?


Much to the dismay of the avid sports fan and the proud nationalist, the Summer Olympic Games only come around every four years. A beautiful exhibition of national pride, linguistic diversity, cultural tolerance, and athletic excellence, this international sporting event Continue reading…

Cloud: Will It Bring Technological Sunshine for Long?

Cloud Computing

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Cloud has become the buzzword of the technology world, capturing the imagination of both the consumer and the producer. Even though technological innovation moves at lightning speed, promising progress every day, cloud technology seems to have established itself as a

Captain Underpants to the Rescue

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Given the daily flood of economic data and analyst opinions, it is difficult to discern the actual health of our economy. But perhaps we are overlooking obvious signs, indicators that both deserve our attention and are more intuitive than the

Inside General Sports Entertainment

The Derby Football Club was recently acquired by GSE.

Whether he is driving friends and family on a boat on his favorite lake or sitting behind the desk of his Rochester, Michigan office, Andy Appleby is comfortable in a leadership role.

The Massachusetts native is the Chairman and Chief Continue reading…

Technological Fixes to Food Insecurity Lose Sight of Farmers’ Rights


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Kenya is soon to become the next hotbed for genetically modified crops, with its government’s intention to introduce new GM cotton and corn varieties within the next few years. While proponents hail this development as a huge step in the

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram

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On April 12th, Facebook acquired the well-known app company Instagram for approximately $1 billion. The pricing may be bewildering to some; after all, how could a company with just one free smartphone app and 13 employees of negligible value sell