Tesla: Developing a Culture for the Future

The Interior of the Model S

Few would disagree that Tesla, which has generated a buzz throughout the entire United States business community, holds a bright future. Tesla Motors, founded in 2003, designs, develops, manufactures and sells electric vehicles and parts. The Palo Alto-based firm is Continue reading…

What Facebook Can Do in a Small Town: the Case of Morano Gelato


         The growth of Facebook has often been associated with the increasing connectivity of people all over the world, bringing into contact those who could never before be part of the same network. New York Times columnist Continue reading…

The South Korean Education System


iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3 is now the choice that many consumers are facing these days.

On one hand you have the iPhone: a sleek, refined product of American innovation, a phone touted by enthusiastic techies and laymen as Continue reading…

How to Learn More

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Albert Einstein once mocked, “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”

One might think that education, above all else, would embrace and benefit from new methodologies and technologies. But this has not been my experience. Why Continue reading…

Cloud: Will It Bring Technological Sunshine for Long?

Cloud Computing

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Cloud has become the buzzword of the technology world, capturing the imagination of both the consumer and the producer. Even though technological innovation moves at lightning speed, promising progress every day, cloud technology seems to have established itself as a

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram

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On April 12th, Facebook acquired the well-known app company Instagram for approximately $1 billion. The pricing may be bewildering to some; after all, how could a company with just one free smartphone app and 13 employees of negligible value sell

BATS Crash: Problems with High-Frequency Trading?


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On March 23, the Better Alternative Trading System (BATS) exchange saw a crash due to technical issues on the same day its own company made its initial public offering. The crash precipitated inquiries into high-frequency trading and the automation of

A Fine Line in the Patent Wars


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Imagine developing and patenting the technology that allows a user to return a “sleeping” iPhone back to functionality. Apple did just this with its “slide-to-unlock” feature, a defining characteristic of the iPhone that users have come to love. Specifically, Apple

Early Values Shape eBay CEO’s Success


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When John Donahoe was an undergraduate student at Dartmouth College, he was a normal student-athlete – bright, focused, and quite involved on campus. He probably did not envision himself as the future CEO of one of America’s biggest corporations. But

The Move Towards E-commerce

e-commerce conference

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Since the dawn of the internet, transactions between buyers and sellers have moved from the physical to the electronic realm. While cash and check transactions still rule for smaller purchases, very rarely do consumers still insist on using a physical