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When the spark of revolt first ignited with the fruit vendor in Tunisia, investors already understood the impact the conflict would have on their investments. They started transferring their money to more secure locations, often to banks in neighboring countries. Lebanon banks acquired a total of almost $11 billion dollars from Syrian banks, according to […]


Forty years ago, long gas lines and sharply rising energy costs caused every president from Nixon to Obama to call for United States’s energy independence. Five years ago, Russia’s energy development made it the largest energy producer in the world. Today, political problems in Nigeria, Libya and Sudan, in addition to other Middle East strife […]


Do you remember when Myspace was the king of social networks? Launched in 2003, Myspace dominated the online social sphere from 2005 until 2008 when Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook made it obsolete. Facebook gained popularity so quickly that by August 2008 it had over one million active monthly users. Now, Facebook has more than 1.32 billion […]


Ever since the 2008 global food crisis put agriculture back in the spotlight, the international development community seems to have zeroed in on three key themes—smallholder farmers, higher investment in agriculture, and increasing productivity. Hardly is this approach more evident than Pepsi Co.’s involvement in chickpea production in Ethiopia, a project focused on increasing chickpea […]