Fear of technological progress can be observed throughout history. From British textile workers rioting against labor-economizing techniques in 1811 to John Maynard Keynes warning of “technological unemployment” in 1930, many have worried that new technology would lower wages and eliminate jobs. In reality, while some people lose work temporarily, most are reallocated to new, higher-paying […]


In a landmark deal at the Paris Climate Conference this past December all 195 countries in attendance came to a legally binding agreement for global action to avoid dangerous climate change. The key goal that all consented to is to limit warming to the critical two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels — a mark that […]


Today, it is not surprising to see household drawers filled with forks, spoons, spatulas and other utensils. But a different utensil might just be filling up drawers quickest in the near future: Cutco knives. Beginning in 1949, Alcoa and Case Cutlery (Alcas) has manufactured mass amounts of kitchen knives, sporting knives, shears and flatware out […]