Over the past few years, we have seen the Golden State Warriors play the Cleveland Cavaliers four times in a row in the National Basketball Association (NBA) championships. To many, this seems normal; however, the dominance of just a couple teams exposes real inequity in the NBA: there are only a few teams who can […]

It is the new norm among fast-casual restaurants to solely accept cashless payment options, rendering physical currency useless when customers walk through their doors. The move improves efficiency for restaurants and appeals to evolving consumer preferences away from cash. Despite the advantages, cashless payment systems present societal issues for underbanked populations across the United States. […]

Huawei, a prominent communications technology and smart device maker, produces smartphones and laptops that compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung. Based in China, Huawei has spread its influence throughout the world. Huawei leverages its technology, marketing and unique sales channels to boost growth, but faces increasing pressure from policymakers internationally, making its future […]