The nature of venture capital (VC) investment is highly uncertain. When startup investors pick their investments, they may end up with a return anywhere from zero to 50 times what they put in. The National Venture Capital Association reports that companies financed in their early stages by VC account for over 20 percent of the […]

From an economic perspective, hosting the Olympic Games is often considered a poor investment. They are frequently touted as catalysts for explosive job, infrastructure, and economic growth. These results, however, are generally short lived: increased employment in the hospitality and service sectors only lasts until the end of the Games. Rapidly constructed infrastructure often falls […]

The four most historically expensive soccer players’ transfer fees have all come in the past two years. Paul Pogba was sold to Manchester United for £105 million, mirroring the amount FC Barcelona coughed up to send Ousmane Dembélé to its club. While both are talented young players, they have yet to fully prove their potential, […]